Since I was a little girl I have had a love for stickers and now even more as I make my own stickers for my ETSY shop!!!

My shop is going to be a ready to ship shop in 2019 but now you may have to wait but not long to get your stickers…

I use only the highest quality matte permanent sticker paper.

More designs are being released this week with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

Here is just a brief sample of what is available in the shop

Are you a planner girl? Be sure to hop on over to creative corner and shop the stickers… Freebies for every order this weekend💗

Have a creative day



Homemade for Christmas

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the studio🎄🦌🎄

We have been busy getting ready for the Holiday Season and beyond.

Check out these oh so adorable wreaths that can be hung on a wall, door or displayed on a shelf

These wreaths come in the following size

8 inch-$10.00

10 inch-$12.00

12 inch-$15.00

Comes with a simple ribbon bow for hanging. For extra adornments is 1.00 extra for each add on

More designs coming soon, keep checking the shop and website for more details!

Have a Creative Day


Ps… if you are thinking you want a wreath I will be taking special orders until 11-30-18 comment below or e-mail me


Planner Girl

***no pictures in this post just information pictures coming soon***

Are you a planner Girl?

I am…. I never really thought about it much until I was introduced to the ECLP and the awesome community of planner girls!  If you like to plan out every activity of every day you may be a planner girl, if you like to add stickers and washi to everything you may be a planner girl!

I am offering a line of planner stickers in my ETSY shop called Pink Daisy stickers They are made in my home studio using only the highest quality sticker paper, ink, and designs from fellow ETSIANS. go ahead check them out!  I will be adding more as time goes on!

I had a Erin Condren Life planner for 2015-2016 loved it but it still wasn’t exactly what I was looking for… this year I purchased a recollections horizontal (Erin Condren horizontal would work too) I took the binding off and placed into a carpe diem binder I am in LOVE!!!

For my school planner I use the Bando planner I use for my school and my work which is a teacher so all academics go into that planner!!!

The following excerpt is from my old blog over at Blogger you can check it out too, if you wish 🙂

I have always loved planning, my friends call me the event planner:)
I plan everything from meals to parties and everything in between.  I had looked into getting an Erin Condren Life Planner for the past 5 years, but could never justify the price, didn’t know if I would really use it(I was crazy) so I settled for the planners you find at Walmart, target, and Office Depot!  I was never truly satisfied with any of the planners but I made do.  Last year I ordered a planner kit from etsy, so cute but I never used it, too small.  June comes and I looked up Erin Condren again and I took the plunge and ordered my life planner, I anxiously awaited my planner to arrive.  While I waited for my planner to arrive I joined a couple of Facebook groups and started following planners on Instagram, I had so much fun looking at all the gorgeous planners out there I began making lists and shopping(keep in mind my planner had not even arrived) I went crazy and bought a ton of stickers, stamps, accessories, washi tape!

Most planners will tell you the same thing, that it is easy to go overboard on accessories for your planner and you really don’t need all of it.

My advice for new planners is
1. Figure out what purpose your planner will serve(student, work, small business, home, personal, financial, fitness/health, memory journal, or maybe a combination)
2. Do you want to decorate your planner? If so do you want to only decorate with icons(functional) or do you want to fill every square with stickers and stamps
3. The first couple of weeks you have your planner I wouldn’t decorate at all, use this time to figure out how you will use your planner(it has taken me 2 months to figure out how I want my planner to look)
4. Try to not go crazy on ETSY and craft stores before your planner arrives– easier said than done, but I did go overboard and now that my planner is here and I am using it half of the stuff I bought I am not using
Essentials you will need
A. Washi tape of varying widths and patterns
B. Good quality pens(you don’t need every pen, but you want something that you enjoy writing with and one that won’t bleed through–trial and error, some pens that haven’t bled through for others did on my planner and vice versa)
C. A few stickers or stamps (I personally like functional stamps from tiny stamps big plans, atelier. Dreams, decorative stamps from lawn fawn, Avery Elle, your next stamp, close to my heart, prima, sweet stamp shop, studio L2E, sticker packs from Darice(you can find at craft stores and some grocery stores)) ETSY has a wide variety of stickers but until you get the hang of it you may want to hold off on ETSY, for your wallets sake 😃
D. A good pair of scissors
E. Glue stick/tape runner
F. Post it notes to do all of your pre-planning
As you begin planning you will find certain things work for you and certain things don’t, it’s okay’

I would suggest to follow planners in instagram you can find them with the hashtag planner community a lot of inspiration comes from the planning community😀

Happy Planning


Show your spirit with Creative Corner Charms


New Spirit pendants from Creative Corner Designs By Danielle

These are sports related pendants that are great to wear to the game to show your spirit!!!!
Currently I have 2 teams represented but more will be coming soon.  Marshall Univeristy, West Virginia University

Now if you have a team that you would love to have a spirit pendant let me know what the team is, colors and any moto or saying that the fans have(example: Marshall University: WE ARE…MARSHALL!!!) e-mail me at

Each pendant is $10.00  this price includes sales tax chains will have to be purchased separately but for a limited time when you purchase a Spirit pendant you will receive a silver ball chain FREE( July 20-27)
***Shipping and handling will be an additional fee

Pendants from left to right: #1: Herd Fan, #2: I Bleed Green, #3 MU Fan, #4 Marshall University
To place an order you can e-mail me the following information
pendant name: see above
Preferred initial: I will do my very best to get the initial of your choice however know that some popular letters run out quicker than others so if you could give me a back up letter in case yours is out
Method of payment: cash
Whether you want a chain or not?($2.00)

Pendants from left to right: #1: Lets go Mountaineers, #2 WVU(more designs coming soon)
To place an order you can e-mail me the following information
pendant name: see above
Preferred initial: I will do my very best to get the initial of your choice however know that some popular letters run out quicker than others so if you could give me a back up letter in case yours is out
Method of payment: cash
Whether you want a chain or not?($2.00)

You can only find these pendants at Creative Corner Designs By Danielle as I also created the digital images that are on the pendants

Show your spirit
Danielle C

My new blog

I have been blogging for years 8 years to be exact, I love to blog– I have a blog hosted by blogger you can find it here. I decided after some research I wanted to transition my blogging over to wordpress so all of my blog posts will show up here now.

A little bit about me: I am 29 years old(soon to be 30, too soon, lol) I am a grad student in public health, I am a college instructor, allied health, I am a certified Medical Coder, I am an independent stylist with Ruby Ribbon you can find my fashion blog here, I am a small business owner of Creative Corner selling crafts like; jewelry, scrapbook pages, vinyl decals, glitter crafts, handmade cards, and more)

I like to hang out with my friends and family in my spare time(not much of it these days with homework) I love to travel and I do at least 2 if not 3 or 4 times per year!  I like helping women feel confident in their clothes, which is why I am a Personal stylist with the BEST direct sales company ever…Ruby Ribbon! I love creating things in my home craft studio, I am a planner girl, silhouette girl, scrapbook girl, and a girl boss:)

I hope you can find some craft inspiration here, step on in and stay awhile~ I will be posting my own crafts, tutorials, pinterest inspiration my way, my shop updates you will be able to buy right here on this blog or jump on over to my etsy shop

Happy Crafting

One of the hardest part of selling

Pricing your work

Probably the hardest thing about selling your handmade products is pricing them. You dont want your prices too high but you don’t want them too low either. I have read several blogs, and articles on how to price your work, I just recently realized I am making nothing probably going in the hole actually:( this was very hard news for me to hear and see.

This time on ETSY I have made several sales both online and off, I began researching how to make my business official and begin keeping books, it was only then that I figured out I was not making as much as I thought I was

I want to give an example
For my scrabble tiles I had listed them for $5.95
Expenses to make the tile–$2.18
Fees to sell the tiles– $1.50
Shipping fees–$2.82
Total cost to make –$6.50

Wow that brings me to negative 0.55

I found this formula to price your work

Labor cost+ materials+ expenses x 2.5= retail value

For my scrabble tiles it would be

3.50+ 6.50(I have already added the materials and expenses together) x2.5= $25.00

That is a little too steep but that is what it retails for I am selling the for $8.50 for a regular tile and 12.00 for a custom photo pendant

I really didn’t want to increase my prices but in order to make a profit I have to. At 8.50 please realize I only bring in $2.00 per tile sold

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I have been extremely busy both with Creative Corner and also my day job as a College Medical Coding Instructor we just began our summer quarter, the first couple of weeks are CrAzY busy but great!!!! I have had a couple custom orders through ETSY, and my alma mater wants to offer my football pendants for their football spirit table (to benefit the team) at all of the games(So excited!)

 I have created some Marshall University Pendants, and yes I also have WVU pendants.  You will Only be able to find these football pendants at Creative Corner Designs By Danielle as I have also created the digital collage sheet to make the pendants.  I purchased some great digital collage sheets from Picsandpaper of the I love my state– To be listed soon!  I also purchased The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  From Inkwhimsey I purchased a Wizard of Oz sheet that I have created some pendants to be listed soon!

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe 4th of July!
Danielle C.
Creative Corner Designs

GPS Jewelry

New trend in jewelry now available in treasured moments

As I have searched for jewelry inspiration I keep seeing these interesting but beautiful pieces.
Handstamped sterling silver with GPS coordinates of a special location, home address, just about anywhere.  I though yeah I can do that on my scrabble tiles and offer yet another option for my wonderful customers

I am going to offer the scrabble tiles completely custom you choose the color, you choose the font, you choose the coordinates.  It will be easy to do through the ETSY shop

Go to this website to see your GPS coordinates– just type in an address you want and it will generate your coordinates

1. Purchase the listing
2. Choose your font
3. Choose your background color
4. in notes to seller please give the coordinates (you can copy and paste from the website)
5. checkout using paypal the fastest and safest way to pay online
6. you will receive an e-mail confirming order
7. You will receive a shipping notice e-mail with tracking number
8. receive your pendant and remember to come back and give feedback– it really helps

You say I really like this idea but not sure what I would use as my coordinates, here are some ideas
*a special vacation location
*home address if you live away or a college student to remind you of home
*long distant relationship
* your vacation home address
* an upcoming vacation and you could say meet me there
* and more

now take a look at the pendants ( no editing done on these photos, sorry I just took a quick photo to share here)

Until Next time
Happy Crafting

Picking that letter

Tile letter

Part of the fun of getting my pendants is the ability to customize the back letter to something you want like an initial!

I have lots of custom orders in person ( not through etsy ) that wants special letters. I had a situation last week that really made me feel bad, I had a customer request a letter that when I got back to my studio didn’t have one?????? Out of 300 tiles and missing a letter:( I contacted the customer and explained what happened, thankfully she is very understanding and said she would wait there was no hurry. I placed an order through my vendor which usually ships out within 2-3 days post payment…. Not this time it has been 1 week and the tiles won’t be here until Monday. Which means it will be Wednesday before I can deliver it. Now keep in mind my customer is being super awesome about the whole thing I don’t like it and will do everything I can so that it won’t happen again:)

I have changed my policies on requesting tile letter, trendy kitty pendants will be on random tiles and only treasured moment pendants will be on letters of your choice. Please keep in mind that tiles are in limited qty.

I want to express a huge thanks to all of my awesome customers that are keeping me super busy:)